Monday, 28 May 2012

Set in the glory days and Arabian nights of Britain's colonial rule, Rajesh Finesse follows a womanizing desert prince and his dutiful man-servant as they seek wild, violent adventures in a world of genies, cults and mysticism. 


Son of a British general and an Arabian princess, Rajesh is the eponymous hero of the show. Scapegrace prince and all-round bastard, he breezes effortlessly through life, on an ocean of severed heads, defiled ladies and his father's money. Educated by the finest tutors from around the globe, Rajesh's many talents include fencing, acrobatics, alchemy and modern dance. Despite having been groomed to take his place as a political leader, he shuns his official princely duties and spends his time in search of artifacts to be pawned and porn to be artifacted. Rajesh lives for the thrill of danger and the challenge of a spirited woman. 

Ex-archeologist and explorer, Alabaster Strong was forced to take a job as Rajesh's servant after being unfairly kicked out of the Royal Society of Science for indecent exposure. Despite his loyalty to Rajesh having initially been bought, they have bonded over their love of discovery and become close pals, although this friendship is regularly tested by Rajesh's blatant disregard for Al's safety. He is well-mannered and rational and acts as the logical foil to Rajesh's devil-may-care attitude. Despite his imposing stature, Al would rather settle matters over a pot of tea than a gallon of blood. This never happens. 

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